Reserve Tannat 2015

Tasting Notes:
Colour: – rich and vibrant hue of real intensity
(a French customer to our Cellar Door recently told me that in the Madiran region of South West France, Tannat has the nickname ‘la folle noir’ – literally ‘the crazy black’ grape)
Nose: – a totally unique fruit profile with blackberry/blueberry notes and an underlying earthiness with hints of fountain-pen ink and a seam of French oak. At present, the wine displays a youthful vibrancy. Our experience is that with bottle age, the primary fruit gives way to earthiness and increased complexity.
Palate: – a burst of black cherry fruit in the attack with a fresh and lively mid-palate. A tighter and more linear structure than the 2014. Firm, robust tannins with a seam of light acidity that expresses itself as a mild ‘saltiness’.
A succulent and vibrant fruit finish.

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