Wine: de la terre Viognier 2014
Vineyard: Hill Country Estate terraces
Wine Style: A fresh, clean and fruit-driven style of Viognier.


We have intentionally avoided the temptation to use oak or other complexities in order to showcase the Viognier grape variety.


A wine style to drink either on its own or with light and delicate foods.
The wine has been made to drink while young but we expect it to age well over the next 5 or so years.


Winemaker’s Notes: Following hand picking, the grapes were pressed very gently in our small bag press.


After overnight settling, cool fermentation in stainless steel tanks using selected yeast strains ‘trapped’ the delicate aromas and flavours of this sensitive variety.


The wine was fermented through to dryness and then given a gentle fining and filtration prior to bottling.


Tasting Notes: Colour: – a healthy, vibrant pale straw hue

Nose: – fresh and delicate notes of citrus blossom and lychee with hints of apricot and honey

Palate: – an elegant and refined balance of ripe, clean Viognier flavours and gentle acidity.
Flavours of honey, lychee and light citrus dominate.  The finish is clean, crisp and long.


A wonderful celebration of the Viognier variety.


Cellaring: This wine has been made especially to enjoy while young, but with careful cellaring, will age well over the next 5 years.