Grande Reserve Tannat 2018


The Tannat variety originates from the Madiran region in south-west France. This is the variety the “French Paradox” is based on. Known for its huge colour and tannin concentration, our stylistic aim for this wine is to create “an iron fist in a velvet glove”.


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The wine is black-crimson in colour with a vibrant hue and massive intensity.
The nose has a totally unique varietal profile – ripe blackberry/blueberry with an underlying earthiness and a suggestion of old-fashioned printers ink and leather.
Refined and elegant French oak supports and sweetens the fruit. At present, the wine is displaying a youthful vibrancy. Our experience is that with bottle age, the primary fruit gives way to further earthiness, tobacco and other complexities.
The palate has a burst of black cherry fruit in the attack building to a huge flavour concentration in the mid-palate. Despite the very high concentration of tannins they are supple, fine and powdery – “an iron fist in a velvet glove”. A key feature of the palate is the balance between tannins and acidity – great attention was paid to sinking the acidity below the tannin backbone. The wine has huge length.
This wine loves rich meat dishes such as wild venison or duck confit. Expect this wine to last a very long time.
Hand-picked grapes from the small north-facing terrace on the Cranwell home vineyard.
Estate bottled and labelled and individually hand-numbered.